Undeniable, it can be challenging to choose the decoration themes for a wedding out of the thousands of ideas that exist globally. However, a wedding decoration depends on the location and more especially on your preferences. Therefore, that is why we have compiled a list of some incredible wedding decoration themes you can consider for your wedding below.



Here are Some Astounding Wedding Decoration Themes Ideas


Exotic Theme

An exotic theme involves creating decoration that is similar to a beach wedding. It does not necessarily mean to do a destination wedding. Additionally, you can choose a location that has a swimming pool and add decorations that will bring to life the exotic theme.

For instance, you can consider adding the below decoration;

  • Spread sands in some corners.
  • Add tree trunks.
  • Create an entranceway with arches having wild leaves and flowers hanging on them.
  • At the entrance, prepare some flower bands and put them in an exotic box for your guests.
  • As a cocktail entrance, you can use natural coconuts and decorate them.

The Royal Theme

If you love royalty, you can consider trying this theme. All your decorations need to be extravagant. However, for the theme to look royal, you need to find a location that will suit the theme; for instance, you can do your wedding by renting a castle-type building.


Royal theme decorations include below;

  • Huge sofa for the couple to sit on
  • Massive blue and gold-colored drapes and balloons
  • Tell your guest about the dress code
  • Rent royal design cutleries
  • Create some crowns for your guest to wear at the entranceway.


The Arabic Theme

You can consider opting for the Arabic theme. Moving further, the decorations for the Arabic theme includes;

  • Wearing long dresses with heavy jewelry
  • Putting colorful and cozy cushions and sofa everywhere
  • Applying henna on the bride’s hand
  • Having a Hookah corner
  • Add some Aladdin lamps and hanging rugs on the ceiling everywhere

As you may deduce, the above-mentioned wedding decorations are incredibly astounding. However, it is advisable to prepare everything in advance to avoid any issue regarding your decoration on your wedding day.